This is our big wall.  At 65lbs, it's like kicking against a building.  Quite simply, the wall is the ultimate training tool. There is no better mechanism to maximize repetition and to build the muscle-memory necessary to master key skills. You can train for EVERY SINGLE skill you need as a soccer player using a wall.

The wall is for everybody, from U6 players to the top professional players. To truly make progress as a player and to become better than your teammates, you need to do something extra. All players attend their team practices, but you need to do something more, and there is no better tool that will provide you that something more than a wall. If you can learn how to train with a wall, and you dedicate yourself to it, you will improve your game by leaps and bounds.

All boards are made from quality pressure treated lumber to maximize outdoor longevity.  


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Monster "Flip" Rebounder

SKU: 0004
  • Note:  Item measures 48" (wide) x 26" (tall) x 5" (legs folded depth) and weighs approximately 65lbs.  This is a solid product!