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The Beckman Story

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Kristi Beckman

Kristi Beckman is an internationally recognized coach with years of experience. Her licensees speak for themselves. Kristi has traveled the world in aims of not only improving athletes, but improving them as human beings. CB Soccer LLC was formed for this exact reason.

The spring of 2020, Kristi and her High School Boys Varsity Soccer team were just getting their spring season started.  They were 2-0 after being the #1 and #2 ranked teams in the state. She had 5 seniors who had signed to Division I schools to play soccer in the fall.  It was promising to be a good season.  Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck the US hard and the nation began to shutdown.  Her season was cancelled and the kids were sent home, not to return that school year.  They were devastated.  


But Kristi knew that out of crisis and loss, come opportunity for growth.  So she continued leading her players (virtually) and engaging with them on a regular basis.  She knew her seniors that were playing in the fall, still needed to train.  Inspired by James at, she went to her husband, Chris Beckman, and asked him (and their sons) to build some kick walls for her seniors. They built them and delivered them within a week and the response was heartfelt.  This gave Chris and Kristi an idea.  They knew that there were many other athletes (some living in disadvantaged communities) who were stuck at home, missing the game we all love.  So they began building as many boards as they could afford and gave them away.  This has now grown into the "Kicking Corona" and "Give a Kick" initiatives that the company pursues today.  

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